Mt. Doug Library Web page is now on-line

After many months of discussion and planning with the Greater Victoria Library Specialist Association, many of the Greater Victoria School District school library web pages are coming on-line. Here at Mt Douglas school we are proud to present our version. As you may have noticed the name Learnings Common has been attached to the library. I feel proud to say that we have been working toward moving the school library to a “Learning Common” model where it is anticipated that the Library is the learning hub of the school. You may ask what a Learning Commons is.

The booklet entitled From School Library to Learning Common: A pro-active model for Educational Change describes it as:

“The LLC strives to empower students to be inquiring citizens and lifelong learners. As such, the LLC must provide a safe and welcoming space. It values and enforces inclusiveness and equitable access to both physical and virtual resources. It promotes a culture of reading, literacy, and technology integration. The LLC offers print and digital collections that support multiple literacy levels, abilities, learning styles, and curricula. In fostering a love of reading, the TL helps students understand and appreciate these collections.